Mutant Revolution Online Wiki

A group of mutant vigilantes working toward improved human-mutant relations and equality. The organization is deputized by the New York Police Department and recognized by the Federal Government and other National Governments (to varying degrees) as a crisis response team specializing in mutant-related events. The team is based in New York and their headquarters is Xavier's Sister School for Gifted Youngsters, often referred to as Xavier's Mansion or The Mansion.

Evergreen Faction Thread Ideas[]

  • Mansion Patrol. The X-men, as part of their agreement with the school that houses them, is charged with the safekeeping of the school residents. They take turns patrolling and ensure that it is safe at all hours of the day and protected from all potential vectors of attack (including airspace).
  • Recruiting a new mutant to the mansion. Mutants are cropping up everywhere. The X-Men try to intercept them to make sure that they get the best possible education for their kind. They may even help settle them into a room or help them enroll for school.
  • Containing a threat to New York City (mutant or otherwise). The city is always under attack. It’s the X-Men’s job to go in as backup when the police call for help and otherwise protect citizens of the city.
  • Danger Room training session. If your character is 16 or older, interested in joining the X-men, or would like to work on fine tuning their control, think about running a scenario in the Danger Room. Remember, it's okay to fail. Sometimes, that's even more fun.

How an X-man Behaves toward...[]

  • NYPD/Government: The X-Men have a working relationship with NYPD. Many of the X-Men have trained with both teams and have been certified to be called in as backup. Treat Government workers with the utmost respect, protect them, and work with them whenever possible.
  • Haven: Haven and the X-Men will often team up for charity work together to achieve the same goal. Treat Haven members with respect and work with them, settling any differences along the way.
  • SUPER: SUPER and the X-Men have clashed over ideals, but begrudgingly the X-team has started to respect the new SUPER world order. Only when SUPERs dark underbelly shows do the X-men and SUPER agents fight each other, with the full stamp of approval from SUPER HQ. X-men have been called in to support SUPER strike teams in order to apprehend rogue SUPER members and escaped SUPER experiments. Comport yourself with respect, but be very wary. Do all that you can to report any bad actors.
  • The Syndicate: The X-Men and the Syndicate are natural enemies, fighting for different things. Apprehend if possible, but if not, do all that you can to diffuse the situation before fleeing.
  • Humans: The X-Men work to keep both mutants and humans safe. While they aren’t always liked by everyone, they will always work to keep the peace. Protect humans like you would mutants.
  • Adapteds: Treat adapteds as you would humans, but do all that you can to get them out of dangerous situations so that you can use your abilities for good.