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A cult of Mystics whose goals are as of yet undiscovered. The organization does appear to be motivated to some degree by anti-mutant sentiment.


The Cult was working in the shadows as early as the Harvest Moon of October 2020, but their true machinations began during the Winter Solstice during the First Welldrinking Ritual between The Six Supremes.

The Cult views Magic as a gift to balance the Universe. The Mystical Plane is seen as tool of progress, contrasting mutation, which they see as a genetic defect. This belief was formed out of bitterness at mutantkind for seemingly cutting the world off from magic in Atlantis.

Not all members of the Cult are as fanatically anti-mutant as their peers. The Cult preys upon not just people's fear of mutants, but their desire to belong, or a personal desire not to be vulnerable and helpless.

Following the events of The Welldrinker Assault on Xavier's, the Cult has been disbanded.

The Six Supremes[]

Elder Supreme

The Unmaker, FC Werner Herzog

The former leadership of the Cult, all Supremes have been depowered to standard Mystic levels of power. The status of the six supremes after the events of the Welldrinker Assault:

  • First: Arrested
  • Second: Conditional Freedom
  • Third: Dead
  • Fourth: Arrested
  • Fifth: Dead
  • Sixth: Conditional Freedom
Second Supreme

The Oracle

The Elder Supreme, The Unmaker[]

The Beckoner

The Beckoner

The Second Supreme, The Oracle[]

  • Age: 30s
  • Gender: Female
  • Magical School: Aciesion
  • Nationality: Unknown
  • Also Known As: The Lady in Red
  • Plot Hook: Need a character to make a mysterious appearance, dressed in scarlet, to provide cryptic hints or prophetic messages? Cross paths with The Lady in Red!
  • Introduction: Pick a Card, Any Card
The Beckoner Unmasked

The Beckoner Unmasked

The Third Supreme, The Beckoner[]

Fourth Supreme

The Blessed, FC: Linda Hamilton

The Fourth Supreme, The Blessed[]

The Fifth Supreme

The Cataclysm, FC Theo Theodoridis

The Fifth Supreme, The Cataclysm[]

Sixth supreme

The Deceiver, FC Hannah Masi

The Sixth Supreme, The Deceiver[]

Plot Hooks[]

  • Cultists may court potential new followers, either face-to-face or preaching to the public about "granting humans the power to stand against the growing mutant problem."
  • Cultists could attack or make a scene at a mutant-related event or in a mutant safe space.
  • Some more cunning cultists may seek to lead mutants into traps, likely to be captured if possible and removed if not.
  • The Cult has been disbanded, but some mystics may still cling to outdated beliefs. Fringe cells of mystic supremacists may still form from the remains of the Welldrinkers.