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A small hole-in-the-wall bar in Brooklyn noted by a sign with the name along with a Treble Clef. The bar is notable as it employs Melody Mays, a mutant who can generate musical numbers, as a bartender.


The High Note is located in the Cypress Hill Neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. It is in a lower class neighborhood, and thus is not well-known by many New Yorkers, despite being a neighborhood favorite due to the "special" impromptu events prompted by Melody Mays.


Despite an unassuming brick exterior, the interior is cozy and offers a low-lit, relaxed atmosphere. The bar could hold fifty people on a good night and is separated into two spaces. The seating area has maple floors and offers a bar with stools bolted into the ground, as well as several circular tables with wooden chairs. This space also has an old piano up against the wall. Through a wide passageway, you can get to the billiards tables and the carpeted area of the bar.