Mutant Revolution Online Wiki

Locations of interest in the MRO Universe, many of which can be found on the MRO Hot Spots Map.

New York[]

Organizations and Companies[]

  • Xavier's Sister School for Gifted Youngsters (X-Men Mansion and HQ, Outside of The Bronx)
  • Haven HQ (Main Offices, Inferno Club, Manhattan- Upper East Side)
  • SUPER HQ & Training Facility (Randalls Island)
  • SUPER Ancillary Base (Staten Island)
  • Blackforest Tactical (Private Military Company, Brooklyn)
  • The POW Block Party Studio (Online Media Production Company, Manhattan- Greenwich Village)
  • Queen Holdings Office Complex (Queen Holdings, Owned by Jayda Cervantes, Syndicate Hub, Manhattan- Harlem)
  • Van Hart Tower (Van Hart Enterprises, Syndicate Adjacent, Manhattan- Flatiron District)


  • Atlantis Club (Nightclub, Syndicate Hub, Brooklyn)
  • Black Satin Club (Strip Club)
  • Chrysalis (Nightclub, Manhattan- Chelsea)
  • Gotham's Lost Lady (Wine Bar, Manhattan- Greenwich Village)
  • The High Note (Bar, Brooklyn)
  • Inferno Club (Haven Nightclub, Manhattan- Upper East Side)
  • Old Town Bar (Bar, East Village)
  • The Bonus Level (Video Game Bar, Manhattan- Greenwich Village)
  • The Iceberg (Bar, The Bronx)
  • The Ivory Keys (Piano Bar/Nightclub, Manhattan- Midtown)
  • X-Gene Persuasion (Gay Club, Manhattan- The Village)


  • Antonio's (Italian, Manhattan- Midtown)
  • Da Vinci's Cona Lisa (Ice Cream, Manhattan- Midtown)
  • Il Labratorio Del Gelato (Gelato, About a Billion Flavors, Manhattan- East Village)
  • Sabores de Iberia (Portuguese, Queens)
  • Torta De Turner (Bakery, Manhattan- East Village)
  • The Full Circle (Cafe and Bookshop, Manhattan)
  • Wallflower Diner (Diner, The Bronx)

Attractions and Small Businesses[]

  • Cosmopawlitan (Pet Store, Mahattan- Sugar Hill)
  • One Comic to Rule Them All (Comic Shop, Manhattan- Harlem)
  • Sand Dollar Beach and Boardwalk (West of Long Beach)
  • The Slinky Factory (Yoga Studio, Manhattan- Midtown)


  • Sanctuary (Mutant Shelter, Haven-Run, Brooklyn)
  • The Hotel Continental (Hotel, Syndicate Front, Lower Manhattan)
  • The Slate Hotel (Luxury Hotel overlooking Central Park, Manhattan- Upper East Side)