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A new race of humanoid beings that came into public existence in late 2020. For reasons as of yet undiscovered, Mystics have the ability to tap into a plane of mystical energy, giving them access to a force previously inaccessible in the MROverse: Magic.


Currently, only The Welldrinker Cult has the ability to turn Humans into Mystics. Not all humans are genetically disposed to becoming Mystics and no Mutants or Adapteds are genetically disposed to becoming Mystics. Furthermore, Mystics are unable to make use of any drug that gives the user temporary mutations, such as Ambrosia.

Their upper levels of magic are much more significant in the magical schools they are most attuned with, giving their spells and rituals greater use. A Mystic's ability to perform magic is independent of any personal belief system or creed, although those might influence how a particular Mystic might use or manifest their magic.

The Three Arcana Classes[]

A Mystic has up to three schools of magic they can perform within above a casual magic-user’s level: their Beginner Arcana, their Intermediate Arcana, and their Advanced Arcana. (These were previously known as Praeditus, Ingenio/Muetadi, and Initium, but were retconned for convenience's sake.)

  • Advanced Arcana: A Mystic’s Advanced Arcana is the school they are gifted in. While their power ceiling is still not as high as mutants with similar talents, a skilled Mystic could give a moderately experienced mutant a run for their money when using similar abilities. This is the equivalent of doing PhD/Doctorate level work in a field - it took a lot of hard work, research, and practice to get here but now the mystic can pull off truly amazing feats.
  • Intermediate Arcana: The ability to use one’s Intermediate Arcana is impressive, but at its best, its maximum strength or ability is comparable to a mutant still inexperienced with their powers.
  • Beginner Arcana: A Mystic can perform more impressive magic than a hobbyist with their Beginner Arcana, gaining more functional benefits, but the use of these abilities is still nothing compared to a mutant with a similar ability.
Advanced Arcana Intermediate Arcana Beginner Arcana Casual Magic
Aceision A ritual to warn of the potential dangers of an upcoming major choice. A ritual to lead you to a potential clue in an ongoing mystery. A ritual using tarot cards to get general guidance. A minor ritual to remind you of where you put your keys.
Evocation High-impact explosive fireballs. Lobbing small fireballs. A flash of flame from your hands. Light a candle.
Illusion Make yourself and the people around you invisible to sight and scent. Make yourself look and kind of feel like a lizardfolk. Alter how people see your face. Make yourself appear to have freckles.
Invocation Create and animate a dog out of rocks and mud. Hell yeah, rock dog. Offer a portal to summon your dog that got lost in the city. Teleport your dog from the other room. Compel your dog to arrive from the other room.
Metation Charm the building so all pants within cannot be hexed. (Alternatively, hex the protective qualities of all the pants away.) Charm your pants to make them resistant damage. (Alternately, hex your enemy’s pants to make them as durable as tissues.) Charm your pants to make them dance. (Alternately, hex your enemy’s pants to become too rigid to move comfortably.) Charm your pants to make them waterproof. (Alternately, hex your enemy’s pants to make them constantly sag.)
Somation Make minor changes to an X-Gene. (Temp unless approved.) Alter someone’s facial structure. Mend a stab wound with some scarring. Patch up a scrape.


When a genetically-eligible human undergoes the process of becoming a Mystic, their genetics are altered and they Snap. The Snapping is an instinctive manifestation of their first spell, which is always from their Advanced Arcana school, the school of magic they have the most potential for. This spell requires no learning (although still requires practice for mastery). Every other spell will need to be studied and learned before it can be used. The Snapping is similar to a mutant's first manifestation of their ability.

Mystic Strengths, Weaknesses, and Drawbacks[]

Strengths Compared to Mutants[]

More varied abilities, Mutants are generally more susceptible to magical effects. Also, Mystics find magic on a casual level to be very intuitive and easy to learn, unlike Mutants or Humans, who have to devote intense study to produce the smallest effects.

Mystics can also focus on the flow of magic around them and determine when/where a spell is being done. This requires active focus and won't tell you anything about the spell itself (unless a spell is cast for precisely that reason). Non-Mystics have no such ability. This might allow a Mystic to detect the presence of another Mystic, but the only way they'd know for sure (or would suspect anything if no active magic is being performed) is through the use of a spell for that purpose.

A mystic can also bind their magic to an object and create Magic Items.

Weaknesses Compared to Mutants:[]

Insignificant population. Significantly lower power ceiling than mutant abilities, spells must be learned before being used, and a new spell likely takes days to weeks (depending on power) to use effectively, magic abilities require set-up and for higher end magic, a cost of some kind.

Wild Magic[]

Mystics draw from the mystic realm, and occasionally magical effects may happen inadvertently, despite their intentions. This can be a spell failing, backfiring, or a magical effect activating without a spell.

Limits of Magic:[]

No outright death magic, No altering space and time, No limitless resurrection, Abilities should be weaker than a comparable mutation (ex. A magical fireball should be a burst of fire compared to the raging inferno of a mutant). While Mystics can create magical items, the items will lose power and usefulness over time and require "charging" to regain functionality.

More limits can be added as they become necessary or obvious.

Public Awareness[]

Currently, Mystics are unknown to the public, as is magic in general. Anyone who hears about Mystics will have no reason to believe they're any more or less real than any time someone has ever claimed to be a witch or wizard in the past. It's highly possible that even if someone proves that magic was done, it will be written off as the effect of a mutation. The events of the September 2 Harvest Moon were confirmed to not be mutant-related, but they have not been publicly confirmed to be mystical in nature.

However, rumors are beginning to spread. There are those who tell stories of "gifts given to humans to balance the playing field". Awareness will continue to spread and Mystics will start to be recognized as they become more numerous and events transpire.

As of February 21, there are only about 100 true Mystics. The Welldrinkers have been recruiting quietly since 2018 and openly since 2020.

NPC Profile[]


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Good/Evil Spectrum:

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Casual Magics: (All non-focused schools of magic)