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We're a collaborative community roleplaying site run by volunteers and populated by totally original characters running original plots that are loosely based on the ideas presented in the X-Men universe. No canon characters are allowed. You can play as a mutant, Atlantean, human, adapted, or mystic. Goodies, baddies, and neutrals are all welcome.

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Time stays current with real-life time. Usually players consider a thread's scene to take place on the day the thread started if it takes more than one day to complete.


Since the existence of mutants was first revealed in the nineties, the world has become a changed place. Whether they're genetic misfits or the next stage in humanity's evolution, there's no denying their growing numbers, especially in hubs like new york city. The NYPD has a division devoted to mutant related crimes. Super-powered vigilantes help to maintain the peace. Those who style themselves as homo superior work to tear society apart for rebuilding in their own image.

MRO is an intermediate to advanced writing level original character, original plot X-men RPG. We've been open and active since October of 2005.