Mutant Revolution Online Wiki

Bartender at The High Note and daughter of the owner, Malcolm Mays. Melody is a mutant with the ability to generate music and pull people within her area of effect into song and dance routines.


Musical Theater Aura: Occasionally triggered by contact or interaction, Melody's aura creates a musical presence focused on one or more targets within her scope of influence, (being the bar, The High Note.) This impacts the targets and the space of the bar in several ways.

  • Lyrical Influence: Whatever conversation the participants may have, it is warped into a sung musical number. Lyrics may be altered to fit context, cadence, or rhyme scheme. Even if the lyrics do not tell the whole story, the other participants in the song can understand the meaning being conveyed by the singer.
  • Dance Dance Revelations: Those under the influence of Melody's effect are encouraged to dance when it might make sense within the number.
  • Carry a Tune: Vocal quality is boosted for the duration of the number. This will not turn a terrible singer into a Broadway Star, but it can turn a terrible singer into a passable singer.
  • Strike Up The Band: Instrumentals will generate to accompany the singers when appropriate, seemingly originating from the back of the bar.
  • Stage Lighting: Minor light manipulation is generated, mostly to set spotlights, alter appropriate mood lighting, or otherwise enhance the musical number.
  • Extras: Those on the sidelines of the musical number may be pulled in (if willing) as backup dancers and singers.