Mutant Revolution Online Wiki

Completely optional MRO Universe Parallels to real-world media, businesses, and pretty much anything else worth spoofing. Some players elect to use them, some elect to use their real world equivalents, and both are fine; just please do not have your character treat the other person like they have five heads when they use one or not.

These are all player/community created and can be added to at any point. Also, real world things can have more than one MROism. (It isn't like there aren't thirty Superman knockoffs running around IRL.)

Social Media & Internet[]

  • Binge- Netflix
  • Chirpr- Twitter
  • Fidgit.TV- Twitch.TV
  • Kindlr- Tinder
  • MyFace- MySpace, Facebook
  • Poptalk- Snapchat
  • Rollr- Tumblr
  • Seenit - Reddit
    • Audubon X - Super hero sighting sub-seen
  • Speedigraph- Instagram
  • ClikClak or DingDong- TikTok
  • ViewTube- YouTube
  • 4Devotees- Only Fans/Camgirl Sites
  • AdultHug- PornHub


  • Average Giuseppe Mobiles- Mario Kart
  • Emperor Ghast- King Boo
  • Fauna Junction- Animal Crossing
  • Flame Sigil- Fire Emblem
  • Gamestation- Playstation/Nintendo/X-Box
  • Genebolt- Bioshock
  • Giuseppe Festival- Mario Party
  • Last Legend- Final Fantasy
  • Pokemon- Gatchamon
  • Princess Violet- Princess Rosalina
  • Road Tussler 5- Street Fighter
  • Squad Battle Strategies- Team Fight Tactics
  • The Fable of Linkle- The Legend of Zelda
    • Princess Linkle- Princess Zelda
    • Zeldio- Link
  • The POW Block Party- Rooster Teeth
  • Ultra Fight Siblings- Super Smash Bros.
  • Watchover- Overwatch


  • Above Average Girl, Spectacular Girl- Supergirl
  • Amazing Amazon- Wonder Woman
  • Arachnid Adult- Spider-Man
  • Ascendant Woman- Power Girl
  • Awesome Arachnid- Scarlet Spider
  • Biclops, Red Eye- Cyclops
  • Captain Goldfish- Aquaman
  • Crimson Crossbow- Green Arrow
  • Destructica the Conqueress- Red Sonja, Conan
  • Emerald Torch- Green Lantern
  • Ice Queen- Emma Frost
  • Miracle Lass- Miss Marvel/Jean Grey
  • OwlbearMan- Batman
  • Polar Opposite- Magneto
  • Power Thief- Rogue
  • Showstopper- Dazzler
  • Spectacular Man- Superman
  • Supreme Man- Sentry
  • The Atlantean- Namor the Submariner
  • The Atlantis Lass- Namorita
  • The Blur- The Flash
  • The Glob- The Blob
  • The Interrobang- The Question
  • The Z-Team- The X-Men
  • Venus Flytrap- Poison Ivy
  • Weather Vixen- Storm

Media (TV, Movies, Music & Books)[]

  • Astonish Screen Dimension- Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Big Beautiful Fibbers- Pretty Little Liars
  • Chess of Crowns- Game of Thrones
  • Dusk- Twilight
  • Grey- Any CW/ABC Prime Time Drama (Because Jorge is a jerk)
  • Justine Beaver- Justin Bieber
  • Paranormal- Supernatural
  • Perry Hotter- Harry Potter
    • The Magician's Rock
    • The Hall of Redacted Information
    • The Cellmate of Gulagaban
    • The Mug of Flames
    • The Firebird Guild
    • The Mixed-Blood Duke
    • The Macabre Miscellanea
  • Space Battles- Star Wars
  • The Shambling Deceased- The Walking Dead
  • Tyler Quick- Taylor Swift (Note: Non-binary)
  • Weirder Stuff- Stranger Things
  • Wolf News- Fox News


  • Astraldollars- Starbucks
  • Cold Subject- Hot Topic
  • Crispotle- Chipotle
  • Frosty Rock Dairy- Cold Stone Creamery
  • McDougal's- McDonald's
  • McGreasy King- Burger King, McDonalds
  • Edison- Tesla
  • Ryde - Lyft/Uber


  • Mystic The Assembly- Magic The Gathering
  • Chō-No-Joō!- Yu-Gi-Oh!