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Current Boss of The Syndicate, Jayda took control of the organization after getting rid of the previous Boss, her brother, Jorge "Poseidon" Cervantes. She was responsible for taking the organization in a direction where all Syndicate operations function independently and are insulated to the point where losing a base or hub would not lead to remaining Syndicate locations or resources. She also broadened the scope of The Syndicate's Associate system, making the organization more accessible as a network that most mutant crime can pass through, increasing her influence over the criminal underworld subtly.


The story goes that Jayda Cervantes died in the concentration camps. The older sister of Jorge Cervantes, she was the first to be take into the camps and put under hard labor for her continued attempts to use her abilities. She had always been the vicious sort, using her powers freely and with abandon. But the camps did everything they could to break her -- until she had seemingly died within their care. It was an event that would send Jorge down the criminal path that would lead to the creation of the Syndicate.

However, just when Jorge was ascending to power, he was surprised to find that Jayda was still alive. She had managed to escape the concentration camps and fake her death. For the most part she was fine with leaving her brother alone to make her own bloody way in the world. However news quickly reached her about the growing fount of power that Jorge was amassing and thus she had to visit.

The meeting did not go as expected. While Jorge had always had a strained relationship with his sister. She was psychotic but she was still a mutant, hence his mad quest against the world for “killing” her. But now that she was back he knew that if there was one person who could interfere with his plans, it was her. So he bought her off. A hefty salary and she would live out her days in Europe, far, far away from him. Jayda feigned hurt feelings but readily agreed. He would never hear from her again so long as the money kept rolling in -- or she felt otherwise.

The day finally came on June 29, 2018, when Jayda killed off her brother and claimed control of The Syndicate in his absence.


Cold. Smart. Calculating. For as much as her brother is a mutant supremacist, Jayda is even more so. She will do anything for the mutant cause but she isn’t as brash as some. Rather, some would say that she could even be the smarter when compared to her brother when it comes to tactics, business, and manipulation. She has gone through enough to know the value of self-interest, so she prioritizes her own success and the success of The Syndicate first and foremost, not sacrificing either for her causes. Sacrifices are for those lower on the totem pole.


Psionic Vampire- Jayda is actually a powerful psionic. Her abilities manifest in a variety of ways, both offensive and defensively. However whenever she uses her abilities, she must “recharge” and she does this by feeding off the psionic energies obtained from a victim’s blood. Much like a vampire, Jayda has to bite into her victim, tasting their blood, and pulling psionic energy from it. The list of her abilities are as followed:

  • Psychic shields (protect herself or others from psychics)
  • Psionic Spikes (physical and/or mental damage)
  • Telekinesis (depends on how much psionic energy she has stored)
  • Memory Absorption and Retention (by feeding from enemies she gains their memories)


  • Courtney Page serves as her personal assistant, accepting her lead and pledging loyalty more quickly than some of Poseidon's former inner circle, such as Duke Manchester.
  • MRO Jayda Cervantes is actually still the sister of MRO Jorge Cervantes, though they are on significantly better terms. MRO Jayda Cervantes is also the mother of Marisol Cervantes.