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Secretary and Executive Assistant of The Syndicate. Reports to Jayda Cervantes and can be found manning the front desk of Queen Holdings during business hours, working as an agent of the business and The Syndicate.


Born a mutant, with patches of scaly skin, small wings, a tail, and horns Courtney's parents left her with an orphanage outside of Paris.

Growing up around children, many of whom were either scared to talk to Courtney or bullied her, she was almost silent for the first years of her life. Prone to being bullied, it was when a bully tried lighting Courtney's clothes on fire that her mutation manifested. Her screaming was interrupted as a burst of shimmering silver vapor shot from Courtney’s mouth, forcing the bully to fall back. She shouted as her shoulder and face were raw and red from the cold blast.

She was transferred to an orphanage in Paris proper, where she managed to make two friends, Jacques and Amelia, and one older girl named Sophia saw how Courtney was being treated and made a point of looking after the young friend group. Courtney idolized Sophia, becoming her loyal follower whether Sophia liked it or not.

She developed into a great student and a socially adept young woman. Courtney was sixteen when an opportunity to study in America as a foreign exchange student came up. Unfortunately, American feelings toward mutants were worse than France and her host family, once realizing what she was, kicked her out on a New York City sidewalk where Khalil, a mutant with red skin and wings, eventually found her and brought her into the Atlantis Club to meet Poseidon, the Boss of The Syndicate.

Poseidon took care of situating her with a home and with her exchange program. She became loyal to him and the family she found in The Syndicate. She finished out high school and went onto college at seventeen and became secretary for The Syndicate and Personal Assistant to Poseidon. There were rumors about the nature of her “assistance,” but no one was dumb enough to say anything behind Poseidon’s back.

She had a heavy workload, but she was the perfect person to balance school and work. She was even encouraged to explore and experience life and “fun,” and she took to the fun she found. She was having so much fun, she made a job of that too, just so she could more easily schedule it.

With college complete, Courtney was transferred to the Syndicate’s new base of operations in an entirely new world. Just like with her foreign exchange program, she was excited by the opportunity. She ended up on the other side of the rift when it closed, cutting her off from the people of her old life. It was a tragic loss, but Courtney was not the woman who would dwell and mourn. If there was nothing she could do to change it, she still had an organization she as loyal to, people she enjoyed interacting with, and a new Cervantes she would do right by.


Courtney is an incredibly orderly person, keeping meticulous records and agendas. She can keep herself on task, priding her punctuality. She will be five minutes early to almost any meeting or engagement and while she gets annoyed when others are not as prompt, she keeps those thoughts to herself.

When something threatens to derail Courtney’s careful plans or schedules, she might face a moment of initial panic, but she has plenty of experience wrangling in plans that have gone awry. Thinking quickly on her feet, Courtney can improvise and change plans on the fly, salvaging what she can of her original intentions.

Courtney strives to be the best assistant, secretary, and any other role where she can provide aid and support. She derives enjoyment from following an order to the letter and completing tasks, and that feeling serves as a reward to encourage her further. She’s diligent, thorough, and if she is supposed to be loyal to someone, she’ll be downright dutiful in her service to them.

At a glance, Courtney is surprisingly mousy. When left to herself, she will get lost in a book or magazine, and she speaks quietly. Her timidity is mostly a front unless she is responding to someone she is working for. She is efficient with her words, often speaking straight to the point with witty and, when necessary, cold comments.

When Courtney falls in line behind someone who is a particularly strong, dominant personality, it can be easy for her to lose herself as a follower. She is not going to challenge the ideas and proposals of someone she is following, for better or worse, and she can find it difficult to shake herself free when she has been following the “wrong” person.


Silver Dragon Physiology- Courtney’s features and abilities match the traits of silver dragons of fantasy and myth. She has sparling white-silver skin, with patches of scales along her shoulders, back, collarbone, cheekbones, hips, and underbust. Horns from between her temples curve up into points. A scaly silver tail protrudes from the base of her spine and leathery wings protruding from her shoulders.

  • Frost Breath- As with many dragons of myth, silver dragons have a breath ability. Courtney has the ability to release a pressurized vapor that can reach temperatures as low as -200C. The liquid form of this vapor is stored in a sack in Courtney’s chest, with a pipe running alongside her trachea and esophagus so she can exhale it. Her tongue, mouth, and lips are all coated in the same membrane that allows her specialized internal organs to resist the temperatures of her own breath, and the composition of her teeth make them resistant to the cold and chemicals of her breath..
  • Flight- Courtney has wings that provide her with a fourteen foot wingspan. Courtney’s wings provide her limited access to flight. They are very helpful for guiding and slowing a descent from a high place, and she can, with effort, take off and fly for a short time, allowing her to ascend and maneuver in the air.
  • Increased Durability- Courtney’s skin is slightly more durable than a standard human. The spots protected by scales can protect from a weak bladed attack, but a knife, sword, arrow, or bullet will pierce her without much resistance. Her scales can help deflect a weak strike an make those areas of her more protected, but not by much; with enough force, those scales will give way to a blade or piercing attack.


  • Due to her physiology, Courtney does not function well in hot temperatures. She’ll get sluggish and exhausted. If left in extreme heat, she will eventually lose consciousness.
  • Courtney was retired after briefly being an active character played by Aly.