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An MROism for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Chō-No-Joō! is a Trading Card Game based on an Anime series of the same name. It functionally plays with the same rules as the Real Life game it is based on.

MROisms for Yu-Gi-Oh! Terms[]

Yuni Mocho


  • Yuni Mocho- Yugi Muto
  • Seiko Taiga- Seto Kaiba
  • Queen of Cards- King of Games


Card Game Mechanics[]

  • Calling- Summoning
  • Amalgam Calling- Fusion Summoning
  • Attunement Calling- Synchro Summoning
  • Overlay Calling- Xyz Summoning
  • Metronome Calling- Pendulum Summoning
  • Chain Calling- Link Summoning
  • Ceremony Calling- Ritual Summoning
  • Champion Cards- Monster Cards
  • Magic Cards- Spell Cards
  • Surprise Cards- Trap Cards
  • Tuner Champions- Tuner Monsters