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Blackforest Tactical, or BlacTac as it is known by its employees, is a private military company owned and operated by founder Michael "Ranger" Hunter. The company publicly provides security services for clients including corporations, governments, and charitable organizations. BlacTac also operates on the darkside, utilizing retired special operators to provide clients with services ranging from wetworks to counter-terrorism. The most notable of BlacTac's clients is Haven whom BlacTac provides both public and darkside services for.


Player Characters
Owner "Ranger" Michael Hunter
Chief Development Officer Jude Csendes
Chief Organization Officer Evelyn Holmes
B-Team Mook Erik Volkov

Non-Player Characters
A-Team "Lumberjack" Charles Montgomery
A-Team "Bird of Prey" Thomas Blair
A-Team "Sideshow" Chris Renfield
A-Team "Whirlwind" Jonas Gerhart
A-Team Medic "Token" Demore Williams
B-Team and BlacTac reception Tedward Bell


BlacTac is broken into three groups; Black Tac Actual (usually shortened to Actual or BlacTactual), Alpha-Team, and Bravo-Team.

BlacTactual consists of all staff who serve in a non-security or assault capacity. The only member of this group who is also in another group is Michael Hunter who serves as an Alpha-Team member as well. The group handles all administrative and support functions; accounting, HR, purchasing, contract negotiations, scheduling, cleaning, loading of magazines, etc.

Alpha-Team is a small team of former operators who have been hand selected by Michael. Often shortened to A-Team for short. The group handles the most sensitive and most lucrative of all jobs at BlacTac. The members spend hundreds of hours a month keeping their skills sharp. All current members of Alpha-Team worked with Michael during his time as a member of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D or Delta Force). All current members are also mutants. All contracts for Alpha-Team are negotiated by Michael Hunter and he generally handles the logistics for them as well.

Bravo-Team employs the largest number of employees at BlacTac. Often shortened to B-Team. Bravo-Team handles the run of the mill and day to day security work. It isn't glamorous or extremely high paying but it keeps the lights on between large Alpha-Team jobs. Some Bravo-Team members are mutants some are not. Jude Csendes manages much of Bravo-Team. Michael sometimes "helps".