Mutant Revolution Online Wiki

At MRO, our in-character landscape is ever-changing. We have dreamed up and discarded several plots over the years. That doesn't mean those things are gone from the world, but it does mean we are placing less of an emphasis on them.

What ever happened to...?[]

Shock Collars?[]

Shock collars and shock bracelets/cuffs are devices that when in contact with a mutant whose power is in use, will release a large power-interrupting shock. These devices are still in use today. They are considered excessive force and officially retired from daily use. Beat Officers do not carry them. Shock collars may still be available to SUPER, police, and military officers, but locked away and regulated like some of the bigger guns.

You might find a shock collar/bracelet in...

  • A place that doesn't much care for what's "legal" or "right"
  • A place where your mutant is considered a very real danger to themselves or others

META Bots?[]

META Bots were an attempt to save human police lives by replacing the human element with a robotic element. META Bots were equipped with mutant detection equipment and deployed to detain mutants when force was necessary. This plot is officially retired. The entire plot was about them malfunctioning over and over again. It stands to reason that META Bots were retired in a big way.

You might still find a META bot in...

  • A training simulation.
  • A one-off thread where the META unit is taken down by the end.

Instead of using a META bot in your thread try...

  • X-men or X-Trainees. The X-men have been deputized for this specific reason. If the danger is mutant-related, police are instructed to call in the X-men to help control the situation.

The mutant power drug M?[]

M (AKA Ambrosia or Mbrosia) is a mutation-appending drug that allows humans to, for a short amount of time, enjoy a mutant power. Long-term use has adverse effects. Mutants are entirely unaffected. This drug is the main form of income for the Syndicate. They have largely moved their sales operations overseas and as such, Ambrosia is not as common in the United States as it once was.

You might still find Ambrosia in...

  • Humans suffering from addiction.
  • Shipping Manifests or Warehouses.

Bird Hunters[]

Bird Hunters are a secret society of mutant fanatics turned violent. They believe that mutants too often are given leniency and so take justice into their own hands. They track mutant behaviors and crimes and mete their own versions of punishments. This plot technically still exists. Bird Hunters were dealt a vicious blow IC by mutant supremacists who murdered a ton of the bigots so if anything, they've gotten more secretive and those that are left are the most elite.

You might find a Bird Hunter in...

  • A dark alley. They don't like to fight fair and they don't want another massacre. They do their best to leave no survivors if they are on the hunt.